Cinemard Productions

Under the label “Cinemard Productions” I offer guidance and advice on making a (short) film.

The target groups are: semi-professional and starting professional filmmakers with plans for their own film production.

The stages where I can provide support are mainly the first critical phases: development phase and pre-production.

For a proper handling of these critical stages I am available as a co-producer, co-executive producer, production manager, or depending on the need in another specific role.

Specific challenges could include:

– Identification of requirements;

– Concept development;

– Finding locations;

– Finding crew members;

– Drawing up a budget;

– Searching and applying for funding;

– To discover possibilities for distribution;

You can contact me for any theme. But I have a special interest in assignments with a social theme or a theme with an urban setting.

Are you interested in working with me? Please contact me: Adit Ram – / +31 (0) 6 2096 0058.

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